By Joshua Lyon
Aug 27, 2015 @ 8:30 am

There are many ways to go about discovering what people really think of you, but Miley Cyrus took one of the most ambitious routes we’ve seen in a while when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night. For a segment called “I Witness News,” the singer and host of Saturday’s MTV Video Music Awards donned thick glasses, a hideous black wig, along with a conservative gray suit and hit the streets of Los Angeles as Janet, an Australian reporter looking for discover America’s thoughts about the young woman formerly known as Hannah Montana.

Her first interview was with a man in a cowboy hat and a white tank top. When Janet told him that Miley Cyrus was hosting the VMAs this year, his response was, “That’s cool, I guess, if you like her. She’s not one of my favorites.” When she pressed him for more details about what he didn't like, he cut pretty deep: “I just really don’t like her whole family.” Ouch!

Things didn’t get much better from there. A sweet old lady said that Cyrus had lost her mind in all the Hollywood madness. A man in a baseball cap didn’t have a big problem with her—he just preferred Taylor Swift. And when the cameras cut back to the man in the cowboy hat, he said, “I think she’s starving for attention and that’s why she’s doing it all crazy like that. She’s missing something somewhere.”

“In her heart probably,” Janet agreed. “In her deep soul.” The interviews weren’t all bad though. Two teenage girls twerked with Cyrus and sang, “We Can’t Stop,” and one man finally figured out her true identity.

For her studio appearance, Cyrus opted for a mirrored rainbow ensemble with just pasties and a skirt worn under a cape, which Kimmel admitted flustered him until the singer wisely pointed out that her own father would rather have her be a good person with her top off than a bad person with a shirt on.

Watch the “I Witness News” segment above, and see her interview with Kimmel—and rainbow outfit—here: