By Aly Semigran
Nov 07, 2014 @ 8:27 am

Jimmy Fallon broke Matthew McConaughey’s beautiful face! Hold on, it's not as unforgivable or even as violent as it sounds, we promise. On Thursday, McConaughey swung by The Tonight Show to promote his new blockbuster sci-fi drama Interstellar and played a new game with the host called Facebreakers. The game involves throwing footballs at a wall that features glass pictures of their two faces. ("Don't confuse the faces, we look very much alike," Fallon joked to the audience.) The first person to break all of his opponent's panels, wins.

While McConaughey, looking dapper as ever, worried that Fallon had "home field advantage," the Texas native struck first by breaking a picture of Fallon. From there on out, Fallon pretty much dominated (thanks to a little coaching from the football enthusiast) the Oscar-winning actor and the game eventually became a glass-shattering free-for-all.

Even if Fallon did do some gloating victory dances, he played nice in the end, wishing his guest a happy birthday and giving him a beer. Watch Matthew McConaughey and Jimmy Fallon play the first-ever game of Facebreakers in the above video.