Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel have had their issues, but luckily they're seeking therapy.

The duo have had a long-standing faux feud on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, so when the star of The Martian snuck onto Monday night's episode (by disguising himself as Dr. Phil) host Jimmy Kimmel thought it was the perfect opportunity to share the two men's recent couples counseling session.

"He thinks the world revolves around him; he thinks he's the only celebrity in California," said Kimmel to the therapist in the hilarious pre-taped skit. "I try to get him on the show, we have a one-hour show every night. We have other guests. I have a monologue to do, we have a band. ... Listen, I understand his point of view, but he has to understand my point of view."

"Now things are getting totally turned around. This is what he does, and this is what he does so well. He talks the talk," Damon said. "And now he makes me think I'm crazy."

Things continued to get more intense. When the therapist asked Kimmel to imagine what it would be like to be Damon he said, "I imagine it would suck to be him. Look at him, and he's trying to be a movie star. Look at his face and his body. It's not a movie star face or a movie star body." (Damon actually is in stunning shape right now to film Bourne 5.)

The session ended on a relatively positive note with an embrace between the men—but it quickly turned into a brawl. These two really do need Dr. Phil! Watch their therapy session and funny squabbling in the video above.