By Meredith Lepore
Nov 06, 2015 @ 8:45 am

It's always good to see old friends, especially ones with so much history like Jimmy Fallon and Martin Short. The two pals even reminisced about their time on the soap opera, Tensions, way back in the day on The Tonight Show on Thursday. It was such a long time ago that there weren't even any women in Hollywood then, said Short. The men had to play the women, which is why we see Lillian (Short) in a fetching blue gown and wig, after Fallon manages to dig up the footage in the cages of 30 Rock. 

Tensions was canceled after only three episodes as the premise was a bit much. They just made really tense situations out of non-tense situations. In the first two scenes, Fallon, playing Lillian's husband Maxwell Vanderbilt, showed Lillian flipping out when her husband described the action of eating a sandwich. In the next scene, he found Lillian freaking out over her husband blinking. "It's a natural human process!" he shouted. She slapped him and threw water in his face (watch out for his fingers!)

Then the drama got real when the mailman—played by none other than Steve Martin!—showed up. Vanderbilt accused his wife of having an affair but she denied it. But the mailman gave it away. "I'm just here to deliver the mail... and screw," said Martin. Finally a scene that calls for actual tension! And boy did they give it their all. Each character gave each other agonizingly long looks as the organ played chords in the background. Then it escalated into a slapping, water-throwing, vase-breaking circle. Check out the rest of Tensions by clicking on the image above.