By Meredith Lepore
Feb 04, 2016 @ 8:45 am

Martin Scorsese is a very talented man, but summarizing movies may be his weak spot. We learned this when the legendary director appeared on The Tonight Show on Wednesday and played a few rounds of "5-Second Summaries" with Jimmy Fallon. In the game, one person has to summarize a well-known film in just five seconds.

Though Scorsese was pretty good at guessing films—except for Frozen, which he called Forever—he was not the best at describing them. "You're too much of a director," said Fallon after he couldn't get Scorsese's complex Casablanca references. "My movies are long—what can I tell you?"

In the speed round, Scorsese did get The Wizard of Oz and The Revenant right away, but when he described Citizen Kane for Fallon, the host struggled and even had to get up out of his chair and dance around a little in frustration. But he eventually he got it. Watch Scorsese and Fallon play "5-Second Summaries" in the video above. 

During his appearance, the esteemed director also took a moment to talk about his good friend and fellow Hollywood great, Robert De Niro. "I don't really do impressions of Bob," Scorsese admitted. "But there's one that I really like and it's from Goodfellas; it's become part of my mantra, in a sense."

Watch Scorsese take on a classic DeNiro impression in the video below.