Though they both voiced characters in The Lego Movie, Alison Brie and Will Arnett put that camaraderie behind them in order to duke it out on last night's episode of Lip Sync Battle.

First Arnett got philosophical by posing the immortal question of "Who Let the Dogs Out?" via the Baha Men song. While dressed in a purple tracksuit, he did a darn decent job of answering it (he attributed his success to being an incredible dancer that "moves like a gazelle).

But then Brie barked back with the Salt-n-Pepa classic "Shoop." With a performance full of sexy dance moves and major attitude, things looked great for the Community star. When LL Cool J asked her why she chose that song she said she really likes describing men's bodies. She then noted that her handsome host matched the very flattering description of the man mentioned in the song. We do believe LL got a little flustered! Watch the video above to see the hilarious moment.

But the battle wasn't over yet. Arnett then performed the Oscar-nominated song from The Lego Movie "Everything Is Awesome" and, well, it was awesome. Complete with construction costume, an amazing Lego person impression, and backup dancers the audience ate it up. However, Brie then took things to another level with the sexy ballad "Bang Bang" and a pinstripe suit and trilby hat. With her backup gangster dancers, it was pretty impressive. And then she stripped down to shorts and some fun sparkly suspenders! "I've been listening to that [song] since before I was born!" she told LL Cool J. Watch the video here:

It was a tough call, but Brie was crowned the winner—and jokingly thanked Arnett for "sucking so much."