By Alexis Bennett
Dec 15, 2015 @ 2:15 pm

Even Oscar winners need to let loose once in a while! Lupita Nyong'o took a break from dramatic acting roles and her rounds of Star Wars: The Force Awakens red carpet appearances to have a bit of fun on The Ellen DeGeneres Show​ Tuesday.

Host Ellen DeGeneres insisted that the two play Heads Up! since they both love animals and explained to Nyong'o, "It's a fun game to play, especially for the holidays, because you're with your family and you need things to do." After joking around, DeGeneres revealed the rules, "The category is animals, and you're going to act out [different] animals. You can't talk. You just have to move and be an animal that I'm going to guess."

Naturally, the Academy Award–winning actress eased into the character of each animal like a pro. From a hopping like a bunny to galloping like a horse, Nyong'o's cute impressions were spot on. Press play on the video at top to see the duo play the hilarious game.