By Joshua Lyon
Aug 11, 2015 @ 10:15 am

Thanks to Monday’s game of Catchphrase on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and country singer Luke Bryan now know to never pair up as a team should they ever find themselves in a similar situation at a party.

A quick recap of the rules: Teams of two press start on a buzzer and then draw from a pile of clues. Players can make any physical gesture and say anything except the word in the actual clue. When a player guesses the answer, they pass the buzzer to the right and whichever team is holding the buzzer when it goes off loses that round.

Fallon and Bryan played against Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp star Christopher Meloni and Tonight Show announcer Steve Higgins, and things got off to a brisk start with Higgins guessing Bugs Bunny, Fallon getting whiskey, and Meloni understanding a detailed description of a Belly Flop.

But everything ground to a halt when Fallon had to get Bryan to guess Coney Island. “You ride the cyclone roller coaster here, it’s here in New York, it’s two words … this is ridiculous he doesn’t know this,” he shouted.

Fallon then tried a different tactic, by saying “ice cream,” and getting Bryan to say “cone.” He wasn’t as successful when it came to the second word. “If you’re at a tropical place with palm trees, you’re on vacation … the boat takes you there,” Fallon sputtered before the buzzer went off.

When Bryan found out the answer he scolded Fallon for not saying, “hot dog eating contest.” Click the video above to see if they were able to get back on track for Round 2.