By Meredith Lepore
Feb 05, 2016 @ 9:00 am

Though beauty pageants sometimes get a bad rap, they can actually provide quite great training for a career in media. Eva Longoria is living proof of that. She said her days on the beauty pageant circuit made her excellent at pivoting—she can be asked any question and answer it without actually answering it.

As you can imagine, this is super helpful when you are a celebrity being asked personal and invasive questions all the time. But Longoria says bring it on! She told James Corden on The Late Late Show on Thursday, "I always go 'Ask me anything.' It doesn't mean I'll answer it!" she said.

Well Corden decided to put her to the test with some very awkward questions. "Who did you hate the most on Desperate Housewives?"

"You know, everybody always talked about the drama behind the scenes, but they would never do that about a show about men. Like, do they do that here?

"Yeah I can tell you exactly who I hate the most," said Corden.

"So you see I didn't answer it! Next question!" said Longoria. Well done pivot!

Then Corden asked, "If you had to have an affair with either me or [fellow guest] Tom [Ellis], who would you choose?"

"You know what's so funny? Life is about variety so you should always keep your options open," she said, like a pro. Except Corden misread it. "So you're saying you don't see us as mutually exclusive? You may have deflected the question, but in my mind all I'm thinking is, 'Wow. Someone's into three-ways.'" Oh man. Point for Corden?

But Eva won in the end when he asked her, "Eva, when can I expect my invitation to your wedding?" Longoria recently got engaged to boyfriend Jose Antonio Baston.

"You know what, was I invited to yours?" she said nicely.

"That was a great pivot! She's a master," Corden admitted. Learn from this woman!

Watch Longoria show off her pivoting skills in the image above.