By Meredith Lepore
Feb 12, 2016 @ 9:00 am

It would have been amazing to see Super Bowl 50 champion and Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning on The Tonight Show, but you know what may be even better? Kristen Wiig dressed up and pretending to be Manning. And that is just what she did on Thursday night when she came out dressed in full uniform, including a helmut and wig. “I’m still so tired from Sunday,” Wiig told host Jimmy Fallon. “I tried really hard.”

After Fallon reminded "Manning" that he won the Super Bowl, the host jumped at the chance to ask the amazing athlete some questions. "In the final seconds of the game, what are you thinking?" he asked. “I’m thinking, I’m so far from the line and I have to get this ball to the guy,” she said. He reminded her that she didn't win the MVP, but Manning was still happy for her teammate Von Miller. "He didn't do anything wrong the whole game. I was like 'Just go out tonight. Have a good time,'" she said. He couldn't quite remember where he went to college, but he thought Fallon asked him what school he was accepted to. But we did find out he majored in environmental science!

Then it was time for the Rapid Fire Round where Manning would have to answer a bunch of questions very fast, but this would be easy (if you were actually Manning). During the round, we learned that his favorite pre-game meal is "french fries and toast" and his favorite color is "green-ish." Favorite clothing store? Sears, of course.

Finally, it was time for Manning to show off some of his amazing skills as Fallon asked him to throw the golden football through a target. Well, that didn't go so well because Wiig is not a professional football player, but we still thought she did a good job!

Watch Wiig, aka Manning, throw a football in the video above.