By Rita Kokshanian
Dec 02, 2015 @ 11:45 am

Kristen Stewart is back for Chanel, and this may just be her best performance—ever. On Tuesday night in Rome, Karl Lagerfeld debuted his latest film for the storied fashion house, titled Once and Forever. The movie features the former Twilight actress as a fiesty young ingenue portraying Coco Chanel in a new film, and Stewart totally nailed the role. 

At the "A French Girl in Rome" pre-fall show, where the 11-minute short played, InStyle's fashion new director Eric Wilson spoke with the star, who said she had no time to prepare for her part since Lagerfeld improvised much of the script. "I like being able to follow somebody who takes risks and doesn’t need to plan everything and buries these little gems in order to find them later and surprise yourself, so following him, I didn’t feel in a precarious situation at all," she told Wilson. "I felt the way I wanted to feel—a little tipped on the edge, at all times."

Watch Once and Forever in its entirety above, and find out what else Wilson had to say about the glamorous "A French Girl in Rome" show, where models like Bella Hadid graced the runway in the Chanel pre-fall collection.