Kirsten Dunst has had a diverse film career since she was a child, but one of her most adored movies will always be Bring It On. With the cheerleader high school comedy turning 15 years old this year, James Corden couldn't help but ask Dunst about it when she stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden Tuesday.

He asked the cast had any idea what a monumental hit the film would be. The 33-year-old actress—who now stars in a new role on FX's Fargo—said, "We were just a couple of young people in San Diego making a Universal movie nobody cared about. Like, none of us knew it would become a hit."

"The opening weekend, we were all surprised. I think I cried!" she said. "It was the first movie I was ever in that I was the lead of ... without a huge push. It was just people wanted to see it. It was refreshing. It worked!"

Even more importantly, Corden then asked if she remembered any of the cheers from the film. "Of course I do," Dunst said, to the audience's delight. Although she didn't remember the dance moves, Dunst led the audience in a round of the memorable "Brr, it's cold in here!" cheer. Fellow guest Jeff Daniels then added that his wife was a high school cheerleader and breaks into her cheers at Thanksgiving. Everyone loves a cheerleader!

Watch Dunst talk about the surprising success of the film by clicking on the video at the top.