By Meredith Lepore
Feb 24, 2016 @ 8:45 am

Kevin Spacey has two Academy Awards, a Golden Globe, and two SAG awards, but can he earn the approval of children? The actor got a chance to find out Tuesday when he appeared on The Tonight Show and host Jimmy Fallon had him perform in a round of MasterClass Junior.

In the game (inspired by Spacey's real-life acting lessons), the duo had to act out three scenes written by elementary school children based only on the title House of Cards. The first scene focused on the unsung heroes that are garbage collectors. Spacey took this opportunity to show off his perfect Christopher Walken impersonation, which meant Fallon could barely hold it together. In the second scene, written by Tacoma from Seattle, both Spacey and Fallon did their best Johnny Carson impersonations. It was a little weird and it resulted in Angus telling Spacey, "I don't get you." After a big laugh the actor told him to "get in line."

For the final and most sentimental scene by Olivia from Connecticut, Spacey played Tyler to Fallon's Katey. He even donned a blonde wig. When asked why they never play at Katey's house she says, "I live in a house of cards! Is that what you wanted to hear?" as she started to cry. "I love you," said Tyler. "I don't get you," said Fallon, alluding to Angus.

Well, even though Angus didn't get Spacey he voted for him as did Jasmine so Spacey won in the end. Another award for the shelf!

Watch Spacey and Fallon act out children's scenes in the video above.