By Aly Semigran
Sep 24, 2014 @ 8:26 am

As the upcoming, eagerly anticipated fourth season of Scandal approaches, any fan of the hit drama will tell you it takes a lot more than just a few little lies to take down Olivia Pope. And it turns out that the same could be said for star Kerry Washington too. The actress joined the ranks of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Hudson and participated in the hilarious bluffing game Box of Lies during her appearance on The Tonight Show on Tuesday.

The actress—looking both sharp and adorable in a red, white, and blue minidress paired with orange pumps—tried her best to keep her cool during the segment (to be fair, pretty much anyone would get a case of the giggles if they opened a box to find a pumpkin filled with spaghetti), while host Jimmy Fallon did his best to convince her he had the new iPhone instead of a troll doll necklace.

Of course, thanks to Scandal, the actress knows how to face down her opponents without breaking a sweat. Fallon never stood a chance. Watch what happens in the above video.

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