By Meredith Lepore
Oct 08, 2015 @ 10:00 am

Keanu Reeves gave us a real thrill ride last night—but rather than stepping on the gas pedal, he hit the brakes.

We've seen Reeves in plenty of high-speed chases his film career (after all, one of his biggest hits was the film Speed) but have we ever seen him drive under the speed limit? Well, that's exactly what he did on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday in a trailer for a fake film called A Reasonable Speed.

In the clip, purportedly produced by the California Highway Patrol, Reeves and Jimmy Kimmel actually abide by speed limits and drive around very cautiously. While their antics probably wouldn't make for the best action film, they did make for a very funny sketch. Reeves chases after Kimmel in a luxury sports car ("Slow down, 20 is plenty," Reeves shouts at the host) but, being law-abiding citizens who look both left and right at stop signs, they come across a few hangups.

The scene comes to an intense head when they approach a speed bump. Kimmel "races" across but Reeves just doesn't have the nerve. "Maniac!" a frustrated Keeves shouts after Kimmel. Watch the full trailer by clicking on the above video.