By Meredith Lepore
Feb 08, 2016 @ 9:00 am

While much of the world is recovering from the Super Bowl, Kate Middleton is busy at work with a new PSA on mental health issues that start during childhood. This week marks the beginning of the second annual Children's Mental Health Week in the U.K.

In this new video (above) she speaks with school children who are part of the charity Place2Be at Salusbury Primary School in London, which Middleton has been a patron of since 2013. Place2Be is a program available for more 250 schools and trains school staff to help understand a child's behavior so they can manage their emotions better.

"Many of us are incredibly fortunate that the issues we face in childhood are ones we can cope with and learn from. But for some children, learning to cope with life's challenges can be a struggle," the Duchess says in the video. "While we cannot always change a child's circumstances, we can give them the tools to cope, and to thrive. With early support they can learn to manage their emotions and feelings, and know when to seek help."

In the minute-long video, one child asks if Middleton, wearing a matching dark blue tweed dress and jacket, had a place like this when she was in school. She said she would have loved something like this. As part of her work, the Duchess has made top-secret visitations at Place2B programs and has made it a point to speak out on the often cast aside issue of mental health with her husband Prince William.

"As Royal patron of Place2Be The Duchess of Cambridge is a committed champion of issues related to children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing," a rep for Kensington Palace said in a statement. "Her Royal Highness has seen that issues such as addiction, poverty, abuse, neglect, loss and illness of family members, can have a long-lasting and traumatic impact if left unsupported. The Duchess of Cambridge is especially concerned with early intervention mental health support for young people, to tackle these issues at the earliest possible stage, so that children have the brightest possible futures, as they deserve."

Watch Middleton's sweet and informative PSA in the video above.