By Joshua Lyon
Sep 18, 2015 @ 8:15 am

What’s got six legs and talks like a baby? Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting after winning the first round of Pup Quiz on The Tonight Show. The Big Bang Theory actress settled into an armchair across from host Jimmy Fallon on Thursday to answer animal-themed multiple choice questions, and after correctly stating that Scooby Doo was a Great Dane, she landed the first golden retriever puppy of the evening, Mr. Gary Frick Jr.

Puppy No. 2, Mary Kennedy, also went to Cuoco-Sweeting when Fallon failed to guess that a rough-faced shag was a bird native to New Zealand. The game then went to Double Puppardy, where each question became worth two puppies. Fallon caught up to his guest after she incorrectly surmised that the King of Norway had knighted a horse, rather than a penguin, for distinguished service in the Norwegian Royal Guard. As soon as Kyle McAdams and Lisa Armstrong were deposited into Fallon's lap he told them, “You’re so much better than those other puppies.”

His victory was short lived though—it turns out that Shakira and Lady Gaga have both had species of wasps named after them, but Madonna hasn’t, and so Roger Blaine and Ted Mooney went to Cuoco-Sweeting. “I could die,” she said, as the animals licked her face. “I could die and just … this is it. This is it for me. I can’t talk right now.”

Unfortunately, she thought all that licking meant that her prizes were trying to tell her something, so she guessed that a golden retriever was the first animal to be launched into space in 1947 instead of a fruit fly. Fallon received Fred Winston and Michelle Anderson for her mistake. The game then went to Final Puppardy, for all the puppies and the win. The question was “How old was the oldest goldfish that ever lived?” Click the video above to hear the surprising answer and find out who won!