By Meredith Lepore
Nov 19, 2015 @ 10:00 am

Justin Theroux has to act out some very challenging scenes on his HBO series, The Leftovers. "We have a lot of lingering shots where you have to try to tell the story through your eyes," he told Stephen Colbert on Wednesday's The Late Show. And, of course, that involves using his brows, which Colbert pointed out were pretty impressive. "Not everyone has your eyebrows," said Colbert. "I've been known to act with my eyebrows as well." He then challenged him to an eyebrow acting contest and Theroux accepted.

The contest consisted of each person reading the other's specific thoughts based solely on his eyebrows. "I need you to act from the nose up," Colbert said. Theroux went first and conveyed, "Wait a second. What's my Apple idea again?"

Then it was Colbert's turn with, "These shoes are so uncomfortable. Hang on a second, did I put these on the right feet?" Both nailed their lines (and Theroux called Colbert the "Babe Ruth of eyebrows").

Colbert read, "What if all the people missing on The Leftovers just went to the bathroom at the same time?" he said as Theroux gave a rather sad look.

"Did that smell come from me?" was next for Colbert, who made a rather shocked look with his eyebrows.

"If I think something dirty enough will CBS censor my eyebrows?" Colbert read for Theroux, but unfortunately the censor went over his forehead instead of his eyebrows. Hey, it's live TV folks!

Watch Colbert and Theroux's full eyebrow acting contest in the video at top.