Justin Bieber is showing off a grown up side of himself in his new video for "What Do You Mean," which made its world premiere after Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards.

The video, directed by Brad Furman, starts with a very blonde Bieber meeting with John Leguizamo over some kind of deal. Then Bieber heads over in the pouring rain to meet model Xenia Deli at a motel, where it gets very hot and heavy very fast—the singer takes off his shirt and Deli strips down to her red lacy underwear and bra. But their romantic moment is quickly interrupted when kidnappers burst in and take them away—but don't worry: The couple wind up escaping and attending a skateboarding party where Leguizamo reveals himself as one of the kidnappers. It's always nice to have a happy ending! Watch the video by clicking on the image at top.

The video debut followed an already huge night for Bieber, who performed both "What Do You Mean" and "Where Are Ü Now" at the VMAs. His act included dance moves, flying through the air, and acrobatic stunts, but none of that made as much of an impact as when he broke down in tears at the end of his performance. Watch it here: