Jon Hamm figured out a great way to pass the time with co-star Zach Galifianakis while shooting their new film Keeping Up with the Joneses in Atlanta. “I had a bag of gummy bears, because I only eat candy on set because my body is a temple, and I threw one at him and he caught it," Hamm said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday.

“So I did it again and he caught it again and I was like, well, I guess we’re gonna do this for the rest of the shoot ... and then I added a musical element—I started whistling the plate-spinning song and then we would do it for the crew.”

The duo became so good at their trick that they performed on stage at Bonnaroo, where the lead singer of Belle and Sebastian got in on the action as well. Kimmel bragged of his own prowess in catching gummy bears in the mouth, so he and Hamm and attempted the act in the studio. Watch the video above and see how they did.