This past Sunday a major TV event took place: After six seasons, the beloved PBS series Downton Abbey came to a close. And as Jimmy Kimmel said of the British period drama on his talk show Monday, "No show in the history of television made better use of doilies than Downton Abbey."

However, the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host also pointed out how the show was always missing one thing: words for its beautiful and haunting theme song. Luckily, Grammy, Oscar, and Golden Globe winner John Legend volunteered to add a few and, well, they were both memorable as well as informative. With lyrics ranging from "Mary and Edith love to fight. We dress in formal wear for dinner almost every night," to "Everyone we know is very white. We don't have one black friend," Legend expertly and hilariously sang new words as he played the tune on a grand piano.

Other standout lines? "I have so many hats to wear," and "It is time for tea and then a nap. I want a scone right now," as well as, "Let's all ride horses and talk smack. Edith is such a loser, why won't she just die? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Oh, why?" While the theme is probably fine sans words, these new lyrics ought to be considered if they ever have a reunion special.

Watch Legend's performance of the Downton Abbey theme song in the video above.