By Jonathan Borge
Mar 24, 2016 @ 12:45 pm

Talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres likes to skip the small stuff and get right to the point when she welcomes a guest on air. So for Jessica Biel’s appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the upcoming Finding Dory star didn’t forget to quiz the brunette actress on those headline-making pregnancy rumors.

“So you’re preparing for your next child because I read that you’re pregnant,” DeGeneres pointedly tells Biel. Her response, of course, is nothing but endearing. “I know, isn’t it exciting, guys? I don’t even know what to say about these things. I feel like, ‘Man, I thought I was doing good with my yoga practice, I thought I was in the gym, but no, I have a gut apparently,” she quipped.

For the 34-year-old beauty and wife to Justin Timberlake, being mom to their adorable 11-month-old son Silas Randall is keeping her busy these days. For the growing toddler, it’s music that currently fascinates him. “He is really, really in love with Erykah Badu. He loves her music. He eats to her music—he loves that,” she revealed. “He’s gotten, just recently, these drum sets and he likes to drum, he likes to play his piano and he likes to drum with his head.”

As for whether or not little Silas is a fan of dad’s pop hits, let’s just say he’s been listening to JT’s tracks for a while. “I listen to his music probably more than I should, it’s maybe slightly creepy. I love his music,” Biel told DeGeneres of her husband’s jams. “Silas loves his music. I want him to hear it a lot. We listen to it in the car. And I went to probably 40, 50 concerts when I was pregnant and literally just stood there and the music was just slamming. I actually thought, ‘I’m going to damage this child.’”

Watch Jessica Biel talk more about baby Silas and her new L.A. restaurant, Au Fudge, in the video clip above.