By Meredith Lepore
Feb 17, 2016 @ 7:30 am

Lucky Jennifer Lopez got the chance to relive her teenage years this week! The actress and singer appeared in the latest iteration of Jimmy Fallon's "Ew!" sketch on The Tonight Show, which is filming in L.A. this week. For the skit, the host and various guests pretend to be annoying tween girls who say "Ew!" to everything. Past visitors have included Lindsay Lohan and Taylor Swift.

Dressed in a purple dress and blonde wig, Fallon, aka Sara (no H because H's are totally "ew!"), introduced Lopez's Gabby, who looked the part dress in a fluffy pink cat sweater and perky pigtails. Unfortunately, Gabby was having a rough day: She had learned that her dad had just joined Snapchat and friended her. "Ew!" Sara said.

"I know!" Gabby exclaimed. "I was like, 'Can I live?!'"

After taking several epic Snapchat selfies, the duo moved on to the talent portion of the show. Impressively, Sara balanced a spoon on her nose; however, she did get overshadowed by Gabby's incredible twerking skills.

Watch Lopez twerk in the "Ew!" sketch by clicking on the video above.