Whether they're dancing in tight pants or playing a game of Catchphrase, Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon sure do have fun together. The Boy Next Door star visited The Tonight Show on Monday, where she and Fallon teamed up against announcer Steve Higgins and fellow guest Anthony Mackie for a round of the guessing game, and things got pretty crazy. In fact, at one point Fallon declared that it was "the best round of the game I have ever played in my lifetime.

Lopez—who looking pretty in pink satin for during her appearance—was nothing short of a Catchphrase master, giving helpful clues to her partner for phrases like "fist bump," "photobomb," and "couch potato." But the actress-singer really went all out when she pointed at her famous posterior as a hint for "bottom line."

While J. Lo and Fallon should have won (Mackie and Higgins definitely played the game incorrectly more than once by saying the words in their clues), they still looked like they had a total blast. Watch the entire boisterous game of Tonight Show Catchphrase, featuring Jennifer Lopez, in the video above.