Leave it to Jennifer Garner to pied in the face and continue to be completely sweet. The actress visited The Tonight Show on Monday and played a very messy game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie with host Jimmy Fallon. (The game ups the ante of Rock-Paper-Scissors, with the chance of getting hit with a pie each round.)

At the beginning, the Danny Collins star had a fierce competition going with Fallon, besting him for a few rounds, but unfortunately she was the first to get the dreaded pie to the face. Even worse, she later took a second pie to the face. But, as expected, Garner—now covered in meringue cream—was a good sport about the whole thing, especially considering she had plans (catching a Broadway show) after her Tonight Show appearance. As Fallon told her, "You're the best." We couldn't agree more.

Watch Jennifer Garner and Jimmy Fallon play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie by clicking on the video above.