By Joshua Lyon
Jun 04, 2015 @ 8:30 am

In the world of Tonight Show logic, Slapjack is the inevitable outcome of a card game best known for the phrase "hit me." Donning eerily realistic giant foam hands, Jason Statham and Jimmy Fallon played an otherwise normal match of blackjack, with one caveat—the winner got to slap the loser across the face.

Per the house rules, Statham lost the first round when they drew a tie since he dealt the hand. Fallon walloped him—and knocked the Spy actor right out of his chair! But we'll chalk that up to years of performing action movie stunts, since the host swore up and down that he didn't hit Statham that hard.

Statham didn’t fare much better in Round 2, with similarly rough results. Click the video above to watch Fallon allow him to get some sweet revenge.