By Aly Semigran
Oct 30, 2014 @ 8:29 am

Jake Gyllenhaal has been through the ringer while promoting his new psychological drama Nightcrawler: First he had the daylights scared out of him on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and then he got soaked on The Tonight Show. All in a day (and night's) work!

The actor faced off against Jimmy Fallon for a high-stakes, water-based game of War, in which a losing hand earns you a glass of water to the face. The first player to throw five glasses of water on their opponent wins, and gets to use a water cannon on the loser. As an understandably nervous Gyllenhaal put it, "This is weird!"

It doesn't take long for the star to get drenched (from a pitcher of water, no less), but he retaliates on Fallon almost just as quickly. The game escalates into, well, an all-out war and it pretty much comes down to the wire. Of course, no matter who loses, we all win getting to see these two guys play Water War.

Watch the wet and wild game in the video above!