By Joshua Lyon
Jul 22, 2015 @ 8:15 am

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a down on his luck boxer in his new film Southpaw, so when he appeared on The Tonight Show Tuesday, Jimmy Fallon couldn't resist challenging the bulked-up actor to a round of "Slapjack," his version of blackjack. In the game, the winner of each round gets to smack the other with a giant fake hand. "Anything with big hands, I'm into," Gyllenhaal joked (though he apparently isn't big on cards—you can hear someone coaching him how to play just offstage!).

Fallon lost the first round, and from the look on the host's face, Gyllenhaal didn't hold anything back. "You almost knocked my hairpiece off," Fallon complained.

Revenge was sweet when Gyllenhaal lost Round 2. "People have asked me, 'What it does it feel like to get hit?' I never really know how to explain it. But I really don't know how to explain how that feels," the actor said. Click the video above to find out what happens after they each draw a queen on the final round!