In Jake Gyllenhaal's last film, Southpaw, the actor played—spoiler alert—a widower who did not handle the death of his wife very well. In his new film, Demolition, Gyllenhaal is a widower again, although he's handling it in a slightly different way. In the first trailer for the film, we get a peak at the peculiar and gut-wrenching way the actor deals with his wife's death. 

The trailer begins just 10 minutes after the actor's wife dies, with his main concern being getting candy out of a vending machine at the hospital—so much so that he writes a detailed letter to the vending company's customer service department. It is in his letter that we learn that his life as the clean-cut guy with the well-paying job and picture-perfect life is not what it seems. In the trailer, Gyllenhaal begins to take apart and demolish appliances, even bulldozing his house, to get to the root of his problems so he can start to build his life again. Along the way the customer service rep, played by Naomi Watts, reaches out to him along with her quirky son, newcomer Judah Lewis. Chris Cooper plays his tough father in law. 

Demolition is directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, the same man behind Dallas Buyers Club and Wild, and hits theaters on April 8, 2016.