By Alexis Bennett
Dec 07, 2015 @ 12:00 pm

Shea Glover's school project instantly turned into a YouTube hit after capturing authentic reactions from friends and strangers. The high school student told each participant, "I'm taking pictures of things I find beautiful," and their responses were priceless. Each person gave her different feedback, from being overly excited to extremely embarrassed; but they all were definitely caught off guard. 

"I conducted an independent project, which evidently turned into a social experiment halfway through, regarding beauty at my performing arts high school in Chicago," wrote Glover on her YouTube video description. "I want to clarify that my intentions were not to get a reaction out of people. I was simply filming beauty and this is the result." 

The viral video, which has been seen more than 4.5 million times since its upload in May, is proof that people aren't used to hearing such kind words, and the sad truth is that many of us aren't. The footage also shows how one small gesture can completely change how a person feels about themselves. One of the participants even confessed, "This has been such a great day!" Press play above to watch the powerful social experiment.