By Joshua Lyon
Aug 20, 2015 @ 9:00 am

Heidi Klum is a lot of things—successful, smart, gorgeous—but she’s a terrible liar. The America’s Got Talent judge appeared on The Tonight Show Wednesday and played a round of Box of Lies with Jimmy Fallon, and the host called her out every time she tried to fib.

In the game, each player opens a box out of view from their opponent and describes the contents and the other player has to decide if the person is lying or not. Klum’s first box contained a pink bathtub filled with mini bottles of Fireball cinnamon whisky. Rather than just run with that, the model told Fallon it was a shadow box with a dead butterfly pinned inside and chewed up piece of gum on top.

He didn’t believe her for a second, and when she revealed the tub of booze they each did a shot. “You’re my … you’re my best … you’re my best friend,” Fallon slurred.

His box contained a slinky full of money, but he told her it was a Jello mold with Justin Bieber heads in it. “Doll heads,” he clarified, which Klum immediately called out as false.

For the final round, Klum selected a box containing a small plot of moss with a pair of red wax lips siting on it. “It’s a burrito …” she began.

“Nope,” Fallon stopped her. “Try again. That’s clearly a lie.”

“I wasn’t even done yet!” she protested.

“I know, but that’s definitely a lie,” he said. Click the video above to see if she was able to fool him in the end!