Though he often plays the strong, stoic type on the big screen, Harrison Ford was showing off his lighter side last night when he dressed up as a wiener dog on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The 73-year-old donned a hilarious hot dog costume and dog snout for the special Halloween show.

Kimmel and his band had decided to do a Star Wars theme for Halloween, which was fitting as Ford will be reprising his iconic role of Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Of course, Kimmel, dressed as Princess Leia, took this opportunity to press Ford about the film, but Ford wasn't having it. "What is there to say? And why would you want to say anything? I want the audience to experience it. I don't want them to hear it," he said. But Kimmel wouldn't give up. "Wouldn't it be funny, with all this anticipation and all this excitement, if right now you just told us what happens from beginning to the end of the movie? Just start at the top," he said. But Ford was one quiet dog. When Kimmel asked why Luke Skywalker wasn't featured on the poster, Ford said jokingly, "There wasn't room. No, there's a very good reason." Kimmel asked what it was and Ford, of course, remained tight-lipped. 

In all seriousness, Ford did say that fans will leave happy: "I can tell you this. It's really really good. Trust me. The new castDaisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driveris phenomenal. [Director] J.J. [Abrams] has made an incredible movie. You will not be disappointed at all I promise you." 

As for which Star Wars director he prefers, Ford said he was very fond of both George Lucas and J.J. Abrams. "George has been amazing to me. He was the author of the early chapters of my life and has given me the opportunity to have a really extraordinary life. J.J. has given me the chance to play a wonderful part in a great movie," he told Kimmel. 

Watch Kimmel try to pry more secrets out of Harrison Ford dressed as a hot dog by clicking on the image above.