By Meredith Lepore
Feb 17, 2016 @ 8:30 am

It can be hard to place someone from your past but try doing it in front of a live audience for a TV show that's viewed by millions of people. That's what Gwen Stefani had to do when she played Blast from the Past on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday. The singer was shown six different people via video calls and had to guess which ones she'd crossed paths with in the past. "I already feel terrible cause I have a really bad memory," she said.

She picked a man in the No. 6 spot first, but unfortunately she struck out. She then chose a friendly looking woman in the No. 4 spot and bingo! Of course, Stefani had no idea how this woman fit into her past until she raised her Camp Fox sweatshirt to the camera. Stefani appeared to have a fuzzy memory until Tracy started telling a story about how The Voice star had a crush on a counselor named Jeff—and then she got super excited. "Oh my god! That's so great!" she said. (Apparently, though, Stefani's date with Jeff was not so great, as she explained; luckily, he wasn't on the call!)

While on the talk show Stefani also performed her new song "Make Me Like You" (its music video debuted during the Grammys) and talked about the inspiration, which involves none other than Mr. Blake Shelton, behind it:

"What's so crazy is that sometimes tragedy, if you really absorb it, you can turn it into something beautiful, and this whole album is about trying to take something that's awful, and healing from it," she said of the song. 

Watch Stefani play Blast from the Past in the video at top.