By Meredith Lepore
Nov 25, 2015 @ 10:45 am

Do not mess with Gina Rodriguez or she may just punch you in the face. James Corden had to learn that the hard way on The Late Late Show Tuesday when he asked the Jane the Virgin star to show off her boxing moves. After watching a short video of her working on her skills with a trainer, Corden didvoluntarilyask her to show him some of her combinations. Little did he know what was coming!

Though he had his hands up, Rodriguez surprised him when she went right for his face with a mean left hook. Even though his hand caught it, Corden felt quite violated and emotional. "Never the moneymaker. I've ruined James Corden's career," she said laughing. He began to fake cry as Rodriguez laughed and apologized, trying to get him to come back over to her and punch her hands. "No, you're horrible!" he said. Eventually she convinced him, though it was more of a slap fight than a knockout. "That's how I do it," he said. 

Rodriguez is such a huge boxing fan that she had actually been at a big fight in Vegas over the weekend. They may have to incorporate more fight scenes into Jane the Virgin soon! Watch Rodriguez show off her boxing moves in the clip above.