By Olivia Bahou
Mar 02, 2016 @ 11:00 am

Nemo might be safe and sound, but he’s not the only one who was separated from his family. After Finding Nemo’s epic journey, the always-forgetful Dory finally remembers something about her past.

“My mom, my dad! I have a family!” she exclaims. “I miss them. Do you know what that feels like?” she ironically asks Marlin.

The trailer gives a sneak peek at the journey ahead when Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, embarks on a quest to head back home. The sequel has some familiar characters (Albert Brooks reprises the role of Marlin) and a star-studded list of newcomers. Idris Elba, Diane Keaton, Ed O’Neill, and Ty Burrell are just some of the actors who will lend their voice to the film.

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Watch the full trailer above for a peek at the journey to come when Finding Dory hits theaters June 17. With Dory’s spotty memory, it’s sure to be a long and winding ride.