By Aly Semigran
Feb 17, 2015 @ 12:16 pm

In just four days, the hotly anticipated big screen adaptation Fifty Shades of Grey made a whopping $94.4 million at the box office, meaning everyone wanted a little piece of Christian Grey over Valentine's Day weekend. Now, in the case of sexy leading man Jamie Dornan, he quite literally had a little piece of Christian Grey over the weekend. The actor stopped by The Graham Norton Show on Friday to promote the film and had a sampling of a life-size Christian Grey cake.

The sweet treat—which resembled a shirtless Christian Grey—was crafted by a team of four people over the course of around three weeks. One of the cake's makers was in the audience, and Dornan had a pressing question for her regarding the dessert in his image: "Why did you do it?" Turns out the cake (which came complete with edible sex toys and an edible Red Room of Pain) was part of an international cake show.

The Fifty Shades star admitted he had previously seen the cake online and then had to watch in horror as host Graham Norton cut into his cake abs. So what did Dornan think of how he tasted as a cake? "Better than I imagined."

Watch the funny, surreal clip of Jamie Dornan biting into a life-size Christian Grey cake by clicking on the video above.