By Aly Semigran
Oct 15, 2014 @ 8:35 am

Emma Stone has now participated two of the Tonight Show’s best—and most popular—segments: Lip Sync Battle and Box of Lies. The Birdman star finally took part in the latter during her visit to the show on Tuesday night.

The always-charming actress—who looked laid-back, but radiant with her chic crop and sporting a casual ensemble (the red pumps really made the black-and-white outfit pop)—alerted host Jimmy Fallon that, "I love to lip sync, but I am a terrible liar." And, as it turns out, she wasn't lying about that. While she tried her best to make him think she had instructional playing cards shaped to look like a salamander instead of what she really had in her box of lies (which was a frozen copy of Frozen), not even her piercing green eyes could distract Fallon.

Unfortunately for Stone, she turned out to be just as bad at spotting liars as she is at lying herself: Fallon stumped her with his box of lies and he remained the champion. But, hey, she's always a winner in our book. Watch the entire game in the video above!