By Meredith Lepore
Oct 28, 2015 @ 8:30 am

Quiz show games can be stressful, but not when puppies are involved! Jimmy Fallon decided to play one of his classic games on The Tonight Show on Tuesday with his good friend and this month's InStyle cover girl Drew Barrymore; but instead of having cold water poured over their heads or getting slapped by a giant foam finger for a wrong answer, your opponent gets to cuddle with puppies. And if you get the question right, you get to cuddle with puppies. "Pup Quiz" sounds like a pretty awesome game to us, and Barrymore and Fallon were having a ball as they reclined in large leather chairs. 

Though the actress got the first question wrong and had to watch Fallon snuggle with the first pup (she didn't know that a Schnar-Pei is not an actual dog breed), the host got his question wrong so she got a puppy in exchange. She then answered correctly and because it was "Double Puppardy," she got two more puppies. "When does it get weird that I am letting them lick my ears?" Barrymore asked as three adroable puppies crawled all over her.

But Fallon got the final question right when his estimation of how much the average blue whale weighed was slightly closer than Barrymore's guess (though they were both way off). As a result, he won all the puppies. But we're pretty sure everyone is a winner in "Pup Quiz."