There was an awful lot of machismo on display at The Late Late Show Monday night, when William H. Macy, Don Cheadle, and Matt LeBlanc all agreed to a game of Flinch. James Corden made each guest stand behind a sheet of Plexiglass and then hurled objects like oranges and apples at their faces to see who would—you guessed it—flinch.

Macy went first, and flat out said, "I'm going to be good at this." He wasn't kidding. Corden tried to psyche him out with a quick punch to the glass before they got started and Macy barely blinked. Once the food started flying, he didn't move an inch. Corden dubbed him "unflinchable."

Don Cheadle went next, and was subjected to less organic matter—instead of fruit, Corden used his giant slingshot to toss breast implants at him! (They must have been pretty high quality because they didn't break.) In the end an orange made him blink but his body didn't budge.

LeBlanc went last and fared the worst, but it wasn't really his fault—everyone ganged up on him and tossed several eggs in a row. Click the video above to see what happened when the guests turned the tables on their host!