America's sweetheart Betty White pulled a total prima donna act before her appearance on Tuesday's episode of The Late Late Show by prank calling James Corden with a list of outrageous demands. After requesting special lighting, she lit into the color of her dressing room.

"As it is now, [it's] brown," she complained. "And there’s nothing worse than brown.”

“I think it’s like an off-white, more like a cream,” the host said gently, to which White haughtily replied, “Cream is just brown milked down."

Corden offered to let White use his own dressing room if she was unhappy with the color, telling her that his is a shade of gray-blue. "I like the water colors," she told him. "You don’t see gray water. Well, unless it’s bad weather."

Among her other stipulations: She wanted to sing on the show, and ordered a bowl of M&Ms, but only yellow ones. The icing on the cake was her repeatedly referring to Corden as "Johnny." Actually, scratch that—the best part was seeing how genuinely sweet Corden was with her the whole time she was pretending to be a total brat. Click the video above to fall a little more in love with both of them.