By Meredith Lepore
Mar 17, 2016 @ 9:00 am

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of his show on Wednesday James Corden decided to move The Late Late Show out of the studio and into a stranger's home. “To celebrate, we’re going to take the show to the people,” said Corden. “This might not work.”

It did take a few attempts, but he finally came upon a welcoming house that belonged to the very friendly Natalie, Taylor, Melodie, and Adam. They were thrilled to see Corden at the door and immediately asked, “Are we doing Carpool Karaoke?” Alas no, but instead they got to have a full episode of The Late Late Show complete with a star-studded guest lineup of Demi LovatoColin Farrell, and Wanda Sykes. Not a bad way to spend the night!

Lovato was the last guest to stop by and apparently found the gig a little intimidating. Before performing her new single "Stone Cold," Corden asked which she was more nervous about—singing at the Grammys or at Natalie's house? "Definitely Natalie's house. No comparison," she said smiling. "When you're in a huge arena I feel like you just kind of look out in the audience and it's kind of easier in a sense while when you're in a small environment if you suck, the person's like two feet away from you and they're looking at you like 'You're doing a terrible job.'"

"And he will tell you in an Irish accent," said Farrell. "And Wanda will just leave," said Corden. Tough crowd.

But luckily, Lovato did great and everyone stayed through her impeccable live performance. Watch it by clicking on the video a top (and catch the group's game of played a fun little round of Hide and Seek below). 

All talk shows should end like this!