By Joshua Lyon
Jul 09, 2015 @ 7:45 am

Conan O'Brien has finally figured out a practical use for a guitar that shoots flames out of its head: roasting weenies on the go! The host took his show on the (Fury) road to Comic-Con in San Diego on Wednesday in a tricked out vehicle straight out of the latest Mad Max movie, and no attention to detail was lost.

The Conan house band pounded ominous-sounding drums in the flatbed, sidekick-announcer Andy Richter took the wheel dressed as Citadel leader Immortan Joe (and proved how difficult is to drink coffee with that creepy face mask on), while O'Brien hung himself above the roof of the cab, heralding their approach dressed in a red onesie and blasting away on a flame-throwing double neck guitar. Click the video above to watch the spectacle.