When you have worked together for as long as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have—from their early days at Second City in Chicago to Saturday Night Live to the movie Baby Mama, and now their upcoming film, Sisters—it would make sense that they could communicate on a whole other level. "You guys are like work wives," Seth Meyers told them when they were guests on Late Night on Thursday.

"We are common law. I feel like we have worked together long enough that we, well, I feel like I own half of what Tina has," said Poehler.

They even have a secret language. "It's not all the way twin speak, but if we're in a crowded place we can both be like, 'The thing we need to with Seth? Got it,'" said Fey talking very fast and mumbling a bit. Poehler added, "We can talk about people in front of them and they don't really understand." They then proceeded to have an entire conversation about Fred Armisen, the leader of Meyer's band, as he looked on confused. Would you expect any less of Amy and Tina? Watch their secret language more in the video above.

Later in the episode, Poehler and Fey were joined by their other Sisters castmembers including Maya Rudolph and Rachel Dratch to try to pitch the show using Star Wars figurines, as both movies have the same opening dates. It turns out Poehler is not a fan of Star Wars and is sick of pretending she cares about it. Watch her Star Wars rant in the clip below.


Tune it to watch Poehler and Fey host Saturday Night Live this week on NBC. Sisters hits theaters today.