By Meredith Lepore
Feb 08, 2016 @ 8:30 am

It's hard to recreate the magic of what makes a great Super Bowl commercial. Last night at Super Bowl 50 they gave it a try, but nothing seemed to come close to Cindy Crawford's famous Pepsi ad for the big game, in which the model, at the height of her fame, stops by an old gas station for a can of Pepsi in her denim cut-offs and white tank top as two young boys look on in bewildered awe... at the new Pepsi can. It instantly became a classic and is still one of the most talked about Super Bowl ads today. Crawford even recreated the ad (where her own children made a cameo!) in 2002 for Diet Pepsi.

Late Late Show host James Corden decided to try to recreate the magic of that commercial on his post-Super Bowl show last night. In a skit that looks exactly like the original 24-year-old commercial, frame for frame, we see the ageless beauty drive up in the red sports car and then get out to get her ice cold Pepsi. Except this time, she is having some trouble getting the soda to come out of the machine.

But don't worry, Corden is there to save the day. He gets out of the car, also in cut-offs and a white tank top, and struts over to the machine to help as the young boys look on with the song "Just One Look" by Doris Troy playing. He gets the Pepsi out right away and instead of Crawford getting to indulge in that first sultry sip, Corden steals the big moment. Watch the video above to see the hilarious parody of Crawford's famous Pepsi ad.

Crawford had some fun recreating her famous moment as she shared a picture of the two of them filming the ad with the caption, "Who wore it best?" Crawford looked good but Corden certainly held his own, even though he filled out his tank top a bit more.