By Jonathan Borge
Jun 02, 2015 @ 2:15 pm

Ever dreamed of having Scott Harley, an executive from Harvey Marketing Solutions, dance provocatively for you? Probably not. But what if Mr. Harley revealed himself to be Channing Tatum, owner of strikingly chiseled abs? More, please.

Thanks to the actor’s outrageous sense of humor, one group of unsuspecting fans got to experience just that—though minus the abs, unfortunately—in a hilarious video spoof created in support of Omaze and the Runa Foundation. In the clip (above), Magic Mike XXL devotees are asked to participate in a questionnaire with a middle-aged marketing representative—a disguised Tatum—before entering what they’ve been told is a 3D-screening of the film. Tasked with asking peculiar (yet hilarious) questions, Tatum goes incognito with oversized glasses, a gray beard, and a receding hairline.

Of course, the fans got what they wanted after the questionnaire was over. Male dancers rush in between a movie theater's rows to thrust themselves onto the audience and quickly bare it all. Then the dancers push Tatum (still in character) into the crowd, where he shakes his assets for a woman and, you guessed it, eventually removes his mask for the group.

Watch the must-see clip above, and head over to for a chance to attend the premiere and VIP after-party of Magic Mike XXL.