The multi-talented Channing Tatum can officially add one more bragging right to his ever-expanding resume: he's the first male celebrity to ever play Box of Lies on The Tonight Show. The Foxcatcher star played the uproarious bluffing game during his appearance on Wednesday night, and his Box of Lies debut did not disappoint.

Squaring off against host Jimmy Fallon, the oh-so-handsome and charming Tatum spent most of their time making box-related jokes and laughing at each other. Both Tatum and Fallon got busted with their first set of lies (regarding jello molds and a hot water bottle, respectively), making the game come down to a tiebreaker.

Tatum's final clue was a stuffed E.T. doll in a sleeping bag, which he slyly admitted to Fallon. Find out if he was able to trick him and win Box of Lies in the clip above.