By Joshua Lyon
Jun 24, 2015 @ 7:45 am

Once you take away the “XXL,” Magic Mike does sound like a pretty innocent little flick. To prove that point, Jimmy Fallon asked kids to write scenes for the movie with only the title as a guide. Channing Tatum stopped by The Tonight Show on Tuesday to help the host act them out.

First up was a tale from 8-year-old Steven in Dallas. Fallon, as the character Josh, recited his lines: “Oh no, my bike has a flat tire! How am I going to get to hockey practice on time? Oh I know! I know what I’ll do! I’ll call Magic Mike. Magic Mike!”

Tatum replied: “Yes, I am Magic Mike! I’m like regular Mike except magic.” But the budding playwright added a twist at the end—there was no magic! Mike was just regular Mike after all.

Asher, 6, from Greensburg, Pa., wrote a script about how Magic Mike was slacking on his job to keep aliens from invading the planet. These kids love their twist endings though, because it turned out Magic Mike was king of the aliens and he’d been negligent on purpose to let his minions in. Click the video above to watch more squeaky clean episodes of Tatum and Fallon's dramatic readings.