By Meredith Lepore
Feb 04, 2016 @ 8:15 am

We've seen Channing Tatum romance the ladies in films like Step Up, The Vow, and Dear John, but you have never seen him quite like this. On Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night, the host thought it would be fun for Tatum to romance a random woman they found on the street outside of the studio.

Tatum was game and after literally pulling a young woman named Jennifer off the street, she joined the Hail, Caesar! star on the plush loveseat where Kimmel told him to "make this young lady's life."

After getting a bit more comfortable and putting his legs on hers, he began drawing candy hearts from a bowl and reading the words on them to her, in an ever so seductive tone. His lines included "You're mine," "Bling!" and "My Boy!" (he gave that one to Kimmel). As he fed the sugary hearts to her, Kimmel said she better not be diabetic. Jennifer perfectly responded (and spoke for all women everywhere) when she said, "Who cares?" If only all of our Valentine's Days included Tatum reading candy hearts to us.

Watch Tatum give one woman a Valentine's Day treat in the video above.