By Meredith Lepore
Aug 26, 2015 @ 10:00 am

Carrie Underwood has just released the video for her new song "Smoke Break" from her soon-to-be-released album Storyteller and it is smokin' hot. First of all the mother, who gave birth to son Isaiah Michael Fisher back in March, is showing off her flawless post-pregnancy body in daisy dukes, over-the-knee fringe boots, a white tank top, and flannel. She tops it off with smoky eyes and some very long blond hair.

In addition to looking great, the video is quite touching too. In it, Underwood drives a pickup truck that breaks down and her scene is cut with shots of different hardworking women trying to make ends meet. As the lyrics suggest, sometimes you just need to take a moment for a break: “She said, ‘I don’t smoke,’ but sometimes I need a long drag. Yeah, I know it might sound bad. But sometimes I need a smoke break," Underwood sings in the chorus. Her character eventually walks her way to a bar and rocks out on stage before returning to the open road.

The Grammy winner said of the song in a video on her Facebook page, "The song itself is just kind of one of those story songs that I feel like everybody can relate to, about how life is so hectic and it's so nice when, if and when, you actually get to kind of step away for a second. And we all need that, we all need that time to ourselves to get to take a break."

Storyteller, Underwood's fifth album, is due out Oct. 23.