By Meredith Lepore
Nov 20, 2015 @ 8:45 am

Move over, One Direction: There's a new boy band in town. Well, man band, actually.

Bryan Cranston, James Corden, and Reggie Watts formed a new "grown man boy band" called M3N Not Boyz and debuted a hilarious performance on The Late Late Show Thursday. And the name of their tune? "I Can't Be Your Boy (Cuz I'm a Grown Man)," which channeled the sounds of your typical '90s boy band ballad. However, the lyrics were a little different from what you'd hear in a Backstreet Boys or Boyz II Men song.

While wearing all white and sporting a faux hawk, Cranston crooned, "Hey, girl. Now I know you've been with boys before but now you're all done with that. You need someone who's gonna be there, who's gonna stand up for you. Someone who still doesn't believe in ATM codes or emojis."

Corden, wearing a white newsboy cap and one pant leg rolled up, chimed in with, "You're the best choice that I ever made since a mortgage that I signed," and Watts sang, "I like my phone fonts the larger size. You're like my phone fonts: Easy on the eyes."

Corden then brought the sexy with, "My credit is great and you think that's odd, but who needs abs when your rock a sick dad bod?" as he lifted his white jacket to show off his stomach.

For the chorus, the trio sang: "I'll make love to you in my minivan, but I can't be a boy cause I'm a grown-ass man."

Cranston then brought it home: "There is so much I still, still don't understand, baby. Like what is CrossFit? Snapchat? What the hell is EDM? But there are things that I know. I know that I love you and how to barbeque." These guys may be on to something! Watch M3N Not Boyz's full performance in the video at top.